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The end is the beginning

"The end is the beginning" is a (not literal) photo reportage of the border between the USA and Mexico. (2019) Between the countries - a famous fence/wall cuts through the region of Baja California. On the US side we find the "Border Field State Park" with partly contaminated soil and water. On the beach there are visible traces of border patrol cars, in the air a humming sound of helicopters, in the distance the fence and shapes of military facilities. This area was very empty, only a handful of people during a few hours. No one really goes close to the fence. In the beach region of Tijuana, on the Mexican side, there is much more life. People watch the fence and the machines that build the new parts of the wall, or they are engaged in selling small items, meeting with family members and friends, talking about the future and make new plans. There is a hope in the air, a kind of joy of life in ruins. The birds fly carefree from one side to the other and pick the rests of tacos.